2000 (Jurassic 5, Warren Zevon, The Hives)

Sep 12, 2022Garage Rock, Hip-Hop, Punk, Punk Rock, Rap, Rock0 comments

Along with the new millennium, the year 2000 brought with it a lot of questionable popular music – boy bands like N-sync and Backstreet Boys were at the top of the charts and alternative rock had morphed into an unholy abomination called nu-metal. Luckily, it wasn’t all bad. On today’s show we discuss 3 albums that we think are worth remembering.

Jurassic 5 – Quality Control (Andy)
Warren Zevon – Life’ll Kill Ya (Don)
The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicious (Dude)

What do you think of these records? What albums would you recommend from the year 2000? Tell us on the Album Nerds Discord, albumnerds.com/discord. Email us, podcast@albumnerds.com. Leave a voicemail at (585) 210-2454‬.

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