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Hey there Nerds! We’ve got a new format and new podcast host in store for you. Join us as we start a new chapter of the show with an old show staple – Prince!

Andy kicks things off with 1995’s The Gold Experience, a album mired in record company disputes and speculations, the record marks the first time Prince officially released music as [Love Symbol] (not to be confused with the 1992 record of the same name, of course).

Don’s selection – Around the World in a Day – has been labeled the psychedelic Prince record, though as we discuss, the record is just a eclectic as any other Prince album. As the follow-up to Purple Rain, the record wasn’t considered a commercial success, but how does it hold up musically?

The Dude’s pick comes from later in Prince’s career – 2014’s Art Official Age. It’s an album that finds Prince rediscovering himself, blending old sounds and characters with modern sounds and production techniques.

What do you think of these records? What great albums are we missing out on? Join like-minded nerds on our Discord, Email us, Or leave a voicemail at (585) 210-2454‬.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


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