Emma-Jean Thackray and Stevie Wonder (Multi-instrumentalists)

Nov 23, 2021Funk, House, Jazz, RnB, Soul0 comments

Andy’s new release recommendation is the debut record from singer, trumpeter and DJ Emma-Jean Thackray and her record Yellow. Her house infused take on a classic jazz sound is grand and propulsive.

Dude’s Old Dog selection comes from the legendary Stevie Wonder and his classic 1973 record Innervisions. The record showcases Wonder’s mastery of numerous instruments and genres as he tells stories of societal and spiritual struggles.

We felt so strongly about the overall quality of Innervisions – we’ve enshrined it as the first entree into the Album Nerds Album Hall of Fame. More details on our website, https://albumnerds.com/hall-of-fame.

Here’s the album recommendations from the show:

Emma-Jean Thackray – Yellow
Stevie Wonder – Innervisions (1973)

What do you think of these records? What great albums are we missing out on? Email us, podcast@albumnerds.com. Or leave a voicemail at (585) 210-2454‬.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


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