American Aquarium, Lido Pimienta, Annihilator, and More

Jun 15, 2020Afro-Colombian, Alt Country, Grunge, Post-Rock, Rock, Thrash Metal0 comments

New album recommendations from alt-country group American Aquarium, Canadian/Colombian artist Lido Pimienta, thrash metal group Annihilator, and Chicago-based grunge band Melkbelly.

Plus classic albums from the reconstructed rock group Blind Melon. And an influential debut record from guitar rock group Mogwai.

Here’s the full list of album recommendations from the show:

American Aquarium – Lamentations (2020) (Alt-Country)
Lido Pimienta – Miss Colombia (2020) (Afro-Pop)
Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic (2020) (Thrash Metal)
Melkbelly – PITH (2020) (Grunge)
Blind Melon – For My Friends (2008) (Rock)
Mogwai – Young Team (1997) (Post-Rock)

What do you think of these records? What great albums are we missing out on? Email us,

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


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