Alice in Chains Rainier Fog and Andrew Bird’s I Want to See Pulaski at Night

Oct 9, 2018Folk, Instrumental, Metal, Rock0 comments

Today on the show we recommend two great records that draw inspiration from the cities they were created in. 

Alternative rock veterans Alice in Chains have quietly released three solid rock records over the last ten years. The latest coming this August titled Rainier Fog. The album features the sludgy sound Jerry Cantrell and crew developed in the 90s, but with a modern edge. The record title and lyrical content deal with topics of home, growing up, dealing with the past and moving on. While not as essential as their earlier work, it’s another solid entry in an impressive catalog. 

Violists, composer and master whistler Andrew Bird is a proud Chicago native and drew inspiration from the city for his 2013 album I Want to see Pulaski at Night. The entire record is based on the themes explored in the title track and serves as a sort of soundtrack to itself. Bird’s connection to the city – it’s streets and the people there he misses – serves a great backdrop to the albums memorable melody’s.

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