The Doors’ LA Woman and Nirvana’s In Utero

Sep 24, 2018Blues Rock, Grunge, Rock0 comments

LA Woman from The Doors and Nirvana’s In Utero both came right before the tragic deaths of their lead singers. The Doors were at a transitional phase, as Morrison became less and less interested in being a rock star. Los Angeles here seems to represent that part of their lives and this record is their goodbye to it.

Nirvava’s new fame as a result of Nevermind really put Cobain into a dark place. In Utero explores the depths of depression and everything that comes with it. And yet somehow, buried underneath all the grime and angst are beautifully written songs that continue to engage decades later.

Join us as we talk over these two classic records and the others gracing our turntables as of late.


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