Loose Connections: Sonic Temple, Here Are the Sonics!!!

Mar 12, 2018Metal, Punk, Rock0 comments

This week on the show we discuss two loosely connected albums – The Cult’s 1989 smash hit Sonic Temple and The Sonics 1965 debut full length, Here’s Are the Sonics!!! – both ‘sonic’ albums.

Sonic Temple finds The Cult trying several different musical styles – from crunchy 70’s grooves to mellow ballads and commercial ’80s hard rock. The standout tracks like Fire Woman, American Horse, New York City, and CD-only track Medicine Train make the album worth returning to after all these years.

Here are the Sonics!!! is a raw, loud record that captured the excitement of a new sound that was taking shape in the northwest mid-60’s. Recorded with the most minimal production possible, the energy and pure novelty of the sound are what make this record special.

Get hooked-on-sonics with your favorite nerds!


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