Loose Connections: Black Gives Way to Blue, Blue Valentine

Feb 12, 2018Blues, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Singer/Songwriter0 comments

This week on the show we’re talking about blue – specifically 2 albums that use the word in their titles.

The Dude’s pick is the 2009 comeback record from Alice in Chains. An amazingly relevant sounding record from a band that had been on hiatus for over a decade. Many of the songs deal with the loss of the bands longtime lead singer, Layne Staley who passed away in 2002. New vocalists and rhythm guitarist William DuVall fills the hole nicely as the band picks up right where they left off.

Andy picks out a Tom Waits record from 1978 that signified Waits transition from a lounge singer to the blues and jazz man we know today. His gravely voice and imaginative lyrics are in peak form here as he tells stories about everything from hookers to murder.

It’s nerd or nutin!


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