New Release Recommendation: Lost at Last Vol. 1, The Official Body

Feb 5, 2018Americana, Folk, Post-Punk, Rock, Singer/Songwriter0 comments

Alright, we’re settling back into our usual grove with to some new releases recommendations on this week’s show. We’ve scoured the new release charts and review columns from the last few months to bring you these 2 new records that we think simply rock. And as an added bonus they’re both uplifting, positive records which is always welcomed to help fight the post-holiday blues.

The Dude’s pick comes from a singer/songwriter hailing from Pennsylvanian by the name of Longhorne Slim. He put out a charming Folk/Americana record towards the end of 2017 that has been putting on smile on our faces ever since. His sound is Cat Stevens meets Bob Dylan. His lyrical content deals with life’s trials and tribulations, but always with a wry smile and a sense of ‘it’ll be alright’. The accompanying music ranges from stripped down to straight-up hoe-down. Longhorne sound right at home with both. And that’s seems to be his secret sauce – sounding unique and genuine while still appealing to most everyone. This is a record most every music lover will find themselves smiling along too.

Andy’s pick comes from across the pond in London, England and a post-punk group named Shopping. Towards the of January they released ‘The Official Body’ a dance-orientated rock record that is immediately likable. The three-piece sets the outsiders mentality of punk to a very groove-orientated rock beat. The sharp, angular guitars fit neatly between the anthemic, shouted vocals. Fans of LCD Soundsystem and B-52s will find themselves right at home on the short-but-sweet album.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And keep that nerd nice n’ toasty!


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