Our Favorite Albums of 2017 – Part 1

Jan 1, 2018Blues, Country, Electronica, Folk, Rock0 comments

It’s the close of another year and that can only mean one thing – year end countdown lists! In a bold move of originality, we count down our top 10 favorite records of 2017. In this episode we cover our honorable mentions and numbers 10 through 6.

Honorable Mention 

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper (Dude)
A heavy, dark doom record that sounds open and spacious.

Hiss Golden Messenger – Hallelujah Anyhow (Andy)
Fun, enjoyable folk rock record that should mesh with most music fans taste.


One Bad Son – Made in the Name of Rock and Roll (Dude)
A hard rock album that will please fans looking for a modern take on their favorite 80’s metal.

Tennis – Yours Conditionally (Andy)
A husband and wife duo put together a record of  lo-fi, dreamy pop music with a nod to the 70s.


The Steel Woods – Straw in the Wind (Dude)
The debut album from Nashville-based rock band that combines elements of rock, blues, folk, gospel, heavy metal, Americana, soul and bluegrass.

Algiers – The Underside of Power (Andy)
Intriguing mix of punk, blues and spiritual music with a political slant.


Chris Stapleton – From a Room Vol 1&2 (Dude)
A double record of country and roots rock music from the Grammy winning American singer/songwriter.

Juana Molina – Halo (Andy)
An eerie, edgy and atmospheric record from the Argentinian folk musician.


Midland – On the Rocks (Dude)
A country record that follows in the footsteps of Dwight Yoakam.

Julien Baker – Turn out the Lights (Andy)
Memphis singer/songwriter puts out a sad, heartfelt record that deals with spirituality, personal growth and relationships.


Tyler Childers – Purgatory (Dude)
A modern sounding country record that feels lived-in, filled with songs etched from hard-earned experiences.

Colter Wall – Colter Wall (Andy)
The wise beyond his years, 21 year old put out a autobiographical set of songs that sound lived-in and genuine.

Join us next week as we count backwards through our top 5 favorites of 2017.

Special thanks to John Riggs for the countdown vocal sample, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R3if22A0L4

Happy Nerd Year!


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